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Terik Essential Programs Agency for Development, Kenya (TEPAD Kenya) is a nonprofit organization established in 2002, to deliver services that improve the quality of lives of marginalized communities through education, research and training .

The formation of TEPAD was inspired by the Terik community, a marginalized community in Kenya –declared by United Nations Education , Science and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) in 2000 as in danger of extinction. The goal of TEPAD is to enhance development of marginalized and endangered communities through exploitation of their unique talents andl resources…

The principle of TEPAD is that primary schools are the nearest organized institutions to most rural communities in Africa and may act as sustainable centers for child and youth development. Under TEPAD, member schools come together on a cooperative arrangement under the leadership of head teachers, alumni, and community leaders to pursue critical objectives in child and youth education, health and nutrition.

Our Vision

To empower communities through education, training and local resource mobilization.

Our Objectives

To develop model community development programs through exploitation of unique community talents and resources.